Grain Storage Silosi Sedlić Ltd.

Grain Storage Silosi Sedlić Ltd.

  • Silage capacity 48 000 t
  • Storage capacity of ready products 9600 t per a year
  • Purchase and production plants are located in Berek (MSH) while an additional production plant is located in Bjelovar

Sedlić Ltd. offers services of drying, storage, purchase and sale of cereals and oleaginous plants during the whole year. Stored merchandise is kept complying with highest technological and hygienic standards aiming to preserve high quality products.

Nutritional and hygienic correctness of the stored products is regularly controlled through our own measuring devices and authorized state laboratories.

Purchase of agricultural products

During the whole year farmers can sell their products in surplus to Sedlić company, the facility named Silosi Prerada, Bjelovar. In the season of harvest of certain cultures additional purchase points are opened in Berek, Nova Rača and Veliki Grđevac.

Our work complies with principles of good business practice (ISO 9001) and hygiene practice (HACCP) thus guaranteeing a quality and safe product to our customers.

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