Animal feed production

Animal feed production

Purchase of cereals and oleaginous plant seeds, sale of soy seeds, production of fodder, whole and retail sale of fodder, production of agricultural products, services of drying and storage, organization of agricultural production

  • production of fodder: animal feed for cattle, pork, poultry
  • cereals and oleaginous plants packed in bags: soy seeds, sunflower seeds, corn
  • agricultural production: our own production, cooperation
  • packing and mixing services: using customer’s recipe (10kg, 25kg, 50kg and Big Bags)

Sedlić Ltd. was established in 2000 as a small family company for agricultural production, its primary activity including farming fattening pigs and production of animal fodder on our own agricultural areas and in our own production plant. In the fodder mixing room we produced animal feed for our own needs, while any surplus was sold in the local community through retail sale. As the need for packed animal fodder we produced grew, so the company grew in that direction too. We expanded our production capacities and our assortment. In addition, production channels also expanded, so we opened yet another retail sale shop and improved our wholesale channels. A years-long successful growth and development of our company enabled creation of partner companies specialized in work with cereals, oleaginous plants and other animal feed in Croatian and foreign markets, as well as transportation and veterinarian services.

Nowadays, Sedlić Ltd. offers fodder for all animals from their own production, as well as packed oleaginous plants seeds, cereals and other components for animal feed.

In addition, we purchase all types of cereals and oleaginous plants during the whole year, and we offer services of drying and storage of agricultural products.

Sedlić Ltd. operates according to good business and production practice, proven by international certifications ISO 9001, HACCP, AA excellence bonity etc.